Cantonese cuisine is light and delicate, and strives to bring out the original flavours of food. The foremost element of good food is the use of the finest and freshest ingredients.

To us, local produce is an excellent choice.

Chickens and pigs are raised locally in the New Territories. They taste great because they are fed with good quality forage and slaughtered daily. A number of old-style condiment stores continue to adopt traditional ways to produce superb first extract soy sauce in its purest and freshest form, and hand craft beancurd sheets with strong bean taste. A small number of local fishermen are persistently sailing out during the early hours to the South China Sea to catch live fishes and shrimps. In places like Yuen Long, there are a substantial number of vegetable farmers working diligently on their fields.

At The Chairman, we have all along tried our best to acquire these freshest among the freshest ingredients, although their prices are slightly higher.

We also have a small farm of our own in Sheung Shui which is used as the venue for curing preserved meat and making different kinds of pickles. Recently we have started growing organic vegetables, and hopefully we can gradually increase the supply.

For those sauces that we can prepare on our own, we create them in our own kitchen. Shrimp oil, spicy oil, chicken oil and lemongrass oil are perfect for bringing out the authentic tastes and they are all produced through slow cooking.

We believe that as long as the ingredients are fresh, the sauces are outstanding, simple cooking will rule. This is what Cantonese cuisine is all about. Lastly, you will not find shark's fin, sea cucumber, bird's nest on The Chairman's menu, simply because we believe that the other delicacies are more interesting, or, should we say, more eco-friendly.

Bon appetit!

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