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Asia's 50 Best Restaurants 2015

Opened in 2009, The Chairman is found in a side street just off Queen's Road in Hong Kong's Central district. Though fresh and bright, the restaurant's interior is as unremarkable as its location, but what's on the plate has caused a huge stir within the city's food scene. Chef Kwok Keung Tung uses a network of high-quality growers on the mainland (many are organic) to secure the best possible seasonal produce, and has also taken the unusual step of banning MSG from his kitchen.

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100 Top Tables - SCMP

S. Pellegrino Asia's 50 Best Restaurants
The Chairman team puts a lot of emphasis on food provenance and advocates organic ingredients, local suppliers,seasonal produce...customers book a few weeks in advance for steamed crab with Shaoxing wine and chicken oil, soy sauce chicken and braised bean curd with Chinese mushrooms. A true hidden delight.

101 Best Places to Eat: Asia Pacific - Newsweek
"When entering this old area of Hong Kong, it feels like time has stood still. Must-eats include Chairman's Soy Sauce Chicken with 18 different spices, and Hong Kong Spareribs, with preserved plums and caramelized black vinegar."

5 Best Restaurants in Hong Kong - DialAFlight

2011 / 2012

Best Cantonese Restaurant Hong Kong - Time Out Magazine
“The menu sees back-to-basics Cantonese fare done without MSG or other additives. It’s like how your mama used to make before chicken powder hit the shelves.”

Michelin One Star - Michelin Guide
“ The Chairman looks to small suppliers and local fishermen for its ingredients and much of its produce is also organic. Showing respect for the provenance of ingredients, and using them in such flavoursome dishes….., has clearly attracted a loyal following.”

Four Stars - Asia Tatler
“The menu at Chairman is not large, specialising in traditional Cantonese cuisine. Whether it is the tight focus or the emphasis placed on the seasonal, local and premium ingredients used, the food at Chairman is some of the best Chinese we’ve had for a while. “

One of Asia’s Finest Restaurant 2011/2012 - Miele Guide

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