Executive Lunch
(3 courses $218 / head, 4 courses $238 / head)


Pickled Mid-summer Ginger Root served with Century Egg

Cherry Tomatoes Pickled in Basil Reduction with White Miso Pickled Pear

Wild Clams Stir Fried with Chilli Jam and Basil

Sichuan Style Shredded Pig's Ear & Tripe Salad with Freshly Sliced Guava

Fried Squid with Spicy Salt

Seven Spices Morel Mushrooms

Wild Clams Cooked in Fish Broth and Sake

Pan Fried Five Spices Ox Tongue with Peppercorn

Smoked Baby Pigeon with Longjing Tea & Chrysanthemum (half)

Squid in Shrimp Oil and Mustard Seed

Crispy Enoki Mushrooms


Slow-cooked Vegetarian Assorted Beans Soup with Cordyceps Root

Soup of the Day

Main Courses

Steamed Catch of The Day

Extra: $218

Steamed Fresh Flowery Crab with Aged ShaoXing Wine &
Fragrant Chicken Oil & Flat Rice Noodles

Extra: $588

Beef Briskets in Pepper Beef Broth Limited

Steamed Squid with Shrimp Paste and Garlic

Scrambled Egg with Prawns and Dried Shrimps

Szechuan Spicy New Zealand Crispy Lamb Belly

Steamed Beef Fillets and Beancurd with Pickled Lemon

Pork Belly Slow Cooked in Preserved Chinese Vegetables

Sweet and Sour Pork with Balsamic Vinegar and Pickled Plums

Chinese Vegetables Stir Fried with Australian Grain Fed Beef Fillets

Prawns in Ginger and Shallots with Rice Vermicelli

The Chairman's Soy Sauce Chicken

Steamed Chicken with Sea Salt and Shallot

Duck Confit with Mandarin Peel

Beef Neck Fillets with Ginger and Shallot in Chicken Broth

Braised Layer Beancurd with Morel Muchrooms

Stir Fried Vegetables with Salted Fish Paste

Layered Beancurd and Bean Sprout in Fish Broth


Double-boiled Chinese Sweet Soup or Chinese Puddings

Executive lunch sets available from Monday to Friday.

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