Pickled Mid-summer Ginger Root served with Century Egg (each)$45

Cherry Tomatoes Pickled in Basil Reduction$148

Baby Squid in Cold Soya Marinate and Szechuan Pepper — Limited$188

Razor Clams Steamed with Aged Lemon and Mixed Herbs — Minimum 2 pcs. Limited$138

Crispy Pork Belly Sticky Rice Cakes with Chrysanthemums Sugar (each)$88

Slow Cooked Beef Tenderloin with Sundried Mandarin Peel$220

Roasted Lamb Belly, Caramelized Onion with Chinese Buns — 2pcs$188

Crispy Fermented Tofu with Szechuan Chilli or Bean Paste$138

Smoked Baby Pigeon with Longjing Tea and Chrysanthemum (each)$178

Roasted Pork Tail with 5 Spices Plum Sauce — Minimum 2 pcs (each)$128

Deep Fried Crab Meat and Mushrooms Dumplings — Minimum 2 pcs (each)$78

Crispy Taro Cake with Smoked Duck— Minimum 2 pcs (each)$78

Crispy Enoki Mushrooms$128

Seven Spices Morel Mushrooms$168

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