Pickled Mid-summer Ginger Root served with Century Egg (each)$40

Smoked Australian Green Lip Abalone with Chinese Mushroom (each person)$198

Razor Clams Steamed with Aged Lemon and Mixed Herbs ( each ) Minimum 2 pcs $105

Pan Fried Five Spices Ox Tongue with Peppercorn $158

Roasted Lamb Belly , Caramelized Onion with Chinese Buns $158

Smoked Baby Pigeon with Longjing Tea & Chrysanthemum (each) $148

Deep Fried Crab Meat and Mushrooms Dumplings ( each ) Minimum 2 pcs $60

Wild Clams Stir Fried with Chilli Jam and Basil$168

Wild Clams Cooked in Fish Broth and Sake$168

Crispy Taro Cake with Smoked Duck ( each ) Minimum 2 pcs $60

Sichuan Style Shredded Pig’s Ear & Tripe Salad with Freshly Sliced Guava$158

Pan Fried Minced Pork Cakes with Salted Fish ( 2 pcs )$80

Crispy Enoki Mushrooms$98

Seven Spices Morel Mushrooms$138

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