Steamed Catch of the DayAdvance Order    Market Price

Deep Fried Whole Fish with Shredded Ginger andAdvance Order    Market Price
Preserved Plum Sauce

Whole Fish 2 Flavours:Advance Order    Market Price
1. Stir Fried with Chinese Vegetables and

2. Deep Fried in Spicy Salt or

Steamed with Mandarin Peel or

Steamed with Black Beans and Garlic

Smoked Australian Green Lip Abalone with Chinese Mushroom (whole)$388

Steamed Fresh Flowery Crab with Aged ShaoXing Wine,
Fragrant Chicken Oil & Flat Rice NoodlesMarket Price

Spicy Peppercorn Flowery Crab Market Price

Chilli Jam Mud Crab                                 Hot,Medium,LightMarket Price

Razor Clams Steamed with Aged Lemon and Mixed Herbs (each) Minimum 2 pcs$90

King Prawns Cooked in Fish and Rice Broth,
Deep Fried Peppered Prawn Heads (each) Minimum 2 pcs$118

Sauteed Prawns with Shrimp Roes,
Deep Fried Peppered Prawn Heads (each) Minimum 2 pcs$118

Sauteed Prawns with Chilli Paste,
Deep Fried Peppered Prawn Heads (each) Minimum 2 pcs$118

Spicy Peppercorn King Prawns$298

Fresh Prawns with Herbed Homemade Satay Sauce,
Garlic and Spring Onion in Clay Pot$298


Pan Fried Whole Crispy Chicken Stuffed with Shrimp Paste (half Chicken)Advance Order    $298

Baked Chicken with Szechuan Spices and Caramelized Shallot$188

Baked Chicken with Ginger Oil, Spring Oinion and Galangal$188

Bried Chicked with Caramelized Shallot and Onion$188

The Chairman's Soy Sauce Chicken$188

Tea Smoked Duck with Tamarind and Dark Sugar (half duck)$198


Slow Cooked then Fried Austalian Beef Ribs with Vinegar and Garlic$298

Slow Cooked Crispy Australian Beef Ribs with Szechuan Spices$298

Beef Short Rib Stewed in Pepper Broth$198

Oxtail Stew with Port and Dried Mandarin Peel$298

Beef Neck Fillets with Ginger and Shallot in Chicken Broth$236

Wagyu Beef Brisket Stir Fried with Chinese Vegetables$188

Szechuan Spicy New Zealand Crispy Lamb Belly$198

Slow Cooked Crispy New Zealand Lamb Belly with Vinegar and Garlic Dressing$198

Slow Cooked Pork Shoulder with Dry Tangerine Peel$188

Braised Spare Ribs with Preserved Plums in Caramelized Black Vinegar (each)$60
Minimum 4 pcs

Sweet and Sour Pork with Balsamic Vinegar and Pickled Plums$188


Braised Layer Beancurd with Morel Muchrooms$158

Dried Bean Curd and Vegetables Stir Fried

with Black Beans and Chilli$148

Steamed Kai Lan with Pickled Chinese Vegetables$128

Layered Beancurd and Bean Sprout in Fish Broth$138

Braised Seasonal Chinese Vegetables with Salted Fish Paste$128