The Chairman

Cantonese cuisine has a history of two thousand years. Today it has evolved to become the most popular and widely influential cuisine among the "eight culinary classical styles" of China. The reason for its success boils down to one keyword: "freshness".

The Chairman's aspiration is to continue this legacy.

That is why, as much as possible, we use locally sourced ingredients, products from local condiment stores and seafood from local fishermen.

Our cooking style is fundamentally built on tradition. We aim at bringing out the original flavours of the ingredients rather than showing off or overplaying.

We always believe that the most simple food demands the highest level of culinary skills, thus requiring even more thoughts of ours. The Chairman's "razor clams steamed with aged lemon and mixed herbs" is fragrantly garnished with lemon aged over 10 years. The "smoked baby pigeon with Longjing tea and chrysanthemum" is prepared in traditional ways with 20 days' young pigeons until the bones are tender. The "wild clams stir fried with chilli jam and basil" tastes so good because the chilli jam is made with slow-cooked oxtail, and "The Chairman soy sauce chicken" uses herbs which are even more expensive than the chicken. Our restaurant has been sending people to Aberdeen Fish Market, day after day at 6 am in the morning, to hand pick the freshest seafood. It is hard work, but that's how we source the best catch of the day and the finest flowery crabs. Also, since the first day of our opening, we have been using beancurd sheets from the famous local store "Shu Kee".

For those sauces that we can prepare on our own, we create them in our own kitchen. Shrimp oil, spicy oil, chicken oil, green onion oil, lemongrass oil are perfect for bringing out the authentic tastes and they are all produced through slow cooking. We also have a small farm of our own in Sheung Shui which is used as the venue for curing preserved meat and making different kinds of pickles. It may sound incredible, but we even cure our own salted eggs.

We believe that as long as the ingredients are fresh, the sauces are outstanding, simple cooking will rule. Poultry and seafood all taste exactly as they should be. This is what Cantonese cuisine is all about.

Lastly, we should mention that there is no shark's fin, sea cucumber and bird's nest on The Chairman's menu, simply because we consider the other delicacies more interesting, or should we say, more eco-friendly.

We put our thoughts into each and every dish so that they exhibit the unique taste of The Chairman. We hope you like them.