New Location

Warm Welcome

Dear friends, the address of our new store is: 3rd Floor, The Wellington , 198 Wellington Street, Central.

The floor area is similar to the old store. The kitchen space is larger and the equipment is more comprehensive, but the seats are reduced by 20 per cent. This is the collective decision of our colleagues, as we would like to focus our efforts on preparing good dishes. We are finally able to bring forward dishes which could not be offered in the past due to limited ingredients.

The menu will be refined while retaining ample choices for selection. Our guests will be contacted three days in advance to reserve the dishes. The menu reservation system will apply to both lunch and dinner.

Our hope has always been that the restaurant has the ambience of a “home”. Relaxed, natural and comfortable. When friends come to visit, we offer a big feast. Everybody loosens up and have a great meal merrily.

What is there at home? The new store has a lot of plants, recipes, books and paintings. We take on Mother Nature as our theme. The works of three generations of local artists in Hong Kong are all about mountains and trees. The recipes have been kept for years. Quite a number of them are out of print . Thank you, Mr. Chua Lam, for donation of books which are bountiful and splendid, with “Chua Lam once touched” printed on the inner page, bringing the readers into reminiscence of the passing of time.

30 th Sept , a new page. We warmly welcome our good friends.